Sunbird Trust is a non-religious, apolitical non-profit organization with its national office at Bangalore. It was formally launched on 11 Dec 2014 as a registered Trust. It is governed by two Trustees and supported by a Board of Advisors.
India’s North Eastern region has suffered conflict for decades. The young often do not have access to basic education and disaffected youth are prone to radicalization.
Sunbird trust reaches out to underprivileged communities irrespective of religion, caste or race and works to bring about lasting peace and progress through education.
Sunbird works through grassroots volunteers, women’s self-help organizations, youth groups and village development councils. We enable positive change cycles through a network of beneficiaries who become our contributors to support education and self-reliance for the next generation.
Dream India (DIN) is a not-for-profit Organization working for the benefit of children at risk in Bengaluru. The Organization has already opened twenty Foster Homes to take care of 160 street children and ensure the coordination of the project.Initiated in 2012, DIN has already made known its strong presence in the care and protection of children by providing quality education and by addressing the growing needs of children, youth, women, and others who continue to remain marginalised in the midst of abundant un-utilised and mismanaged resources.