By the Poor, For the Poor
Prema Jyothi, in association with Birds Campus, a nonprofit run by Brothers of Sacred Heart, is starting an All Woman Bakery.  Women Empowerment is a primary objective in this project. We aim to empower slum women who are unemployed, exploited, marginalized and oppressed,  They lack the confidence to take initiative, have little or no decision-making power, and have virtually no voice.  We hope this project will empower women and strengthen the family.
In poor households, when women are gainfully employed, they use most of the money on family health, education, and safety.   All too often, women are subservient in the Indian household, mainly because they are not breadwinners.  Our project will enable women to be self-reliant, develop interpersonal skills, and improve their self-worth.  
By empowering women, we believe it will improve the quality of life of the family through education, better nutrition, and accessibility to healthcare.  
Building Community
​The Cottolengo Institution for the mentally challenged is a Non-Profit started by the Sisters of St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo in Bangalore, India. They work with children from poor families who are differently abled.  Children with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Learning Disability, and Down Syndrome, are grossly neglected, abandoned, and neglected.  The Cottolengo Institution also runs a residence for orphaned kids, specifically girls, that are mentally challenged and  abandoned by their families.  They currently house 50 orphan girls, ranging in age from 5-25 years, most with severe mental disabilities.  The school educates 40 children from local communities with various forms of disabilities.​​Prema Jyothi is proposing to financially assist the school and its students over a 3-year time period. 
Hearts 4 Harmony
A US-India Initiative
Prema Jyothi, in partnership with Sunbird Trust, an India-based NGO, is launching a unique project to foster harmony through music. Hearts 4 Harmony is a one-of-a-kind initiative in which children in the United States will donate musical instruments to underprivileged children in NorthEast India. The Indian States in this region include Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, and Assam. This part of India is mired in uncertainty and hardship, stemming from decades of ethnic and political unrest. Children in the region are affected the most.
The uniting thread of music weaves through North-East India in ethnic dances, folklore, daily life, and worship. However, poverty in India's underdeveloped North-East inhibits access to musical instruments. H4H will provide musical instruments to children in the region and give them the opportunity to cultivate their talents through music lessons. H4H strives to build a long-term and sustainable bond of friendship and harmony between various communities in North-East India. 
​Music Harmony Centers are being setup in rural areas and villages, and instruments will be loaned out to children. Paid music teachers will provide lessons for free. Prema Jyothi is proposing to financially assist the project for a 3-year time period.
Brochure (Coming Soon)