As reported by UNICEF recently, nearly 10 million children die each year because of poverty, hunger and disease in the poorest countries of the world. This statistic puts into perspective the massive task that lies ahead for institutions and world organizations that want to reverse this trend. To make matters worse, those born in poverty will, in all probability, continue to co-exist in “poverty-like” conditions for generations to come. Poverty begets poverty, and the cycle viciously repeats itself.
Prema Jyothi, which means “light of love”, is a 501 c(3) non profit organization that was the brainchild of a teenager determined to unravel the mysteries of poverty and shine the light of love on children in need.  During her numerous visits to India from the United States, she was disheartened at the plight of so many who were panhandlers, begging at traffic lights.  Most were young women and little children, who did not have an opportunity to study and improve their lives.  She was determined to do something about this.  To fully understand the gravity of the situation, she visited various slums and villages around the city of Bangalore and spoke to children who had no chance of getting an education because of poverty.  The kids were forced to work to help make ends meet for their families.