"Shine the light of love on children in need"


Prema Jyothi’s purpose is to unshackle economically disadvantaged children and children with disabilities from the chains of poverty and discrimination.  The primary goals of this nonprofit are to:
  • Bring light and love into the lives of those who are socially ostracized
  • Give impoverished kids an opportunity to receive an education
  • Impart life skills to the poor, underprivileged, and orphans
  • Provide learning skills to children with mental / physical disabilities
Prema Jyothi is initially focusing on India, where poverty engulfs over 20% of the population. The major victims of poverty are children, who are born in poverty, grow-up in poverty, and start families of their own, in poverty. For this cycle to be broken, Prema Jyothi has identified children with the greatest need and will provide them with the proper resources (like education, clothes, and food) to improve their lives and escape the clutches of poverty. Education is one of the surest ways of changing people’s lives and integrating them with their community.



View our past and ongoing initiatives that have helped provide food, clothing, education and dignity to those who need it. 


View upcoming projects such as our Hearts 4 Harmony initiative to provide instruments and learning to underprivileged children.


Read our newsletters and see the positive change Prema Jyothi has made to the poor in India. 


Prema Jyothi seeks your support to help build a better world one child at a time.
Support can be in two different forms: Financial Support and Volunteer Work